Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pregnancy Project Month 5

Hi Everyone!!!! I'm back!

So, I am happily returning to TAM after 2 years or so :-/.....I know, guilt has already hit home.  
However, this time around I am starting Tracy's Pregnancy Project! Very exciting indeed.  

So... quick upsate since my last post in 2012.  I'm pregnant!!!!!! Very unexpected but very welcomed.
I quickly purchased Tracy's Pregnancy Project and. owed I was going to do the workouts faithfully at least 5 days a week.  Did that really happen?, Nope.  With all the nausea and fatigue there was no way I was able to workout, I think I worked out about a hadful of times during my first trimester.  

In the second trimester, I was hoping for the miraculous day that come month 3 day 1 all of the pregnancy nausea and fiatigue was going to disappear, afterall that's alll I had been waiting for.  For that first day in my second trimester that all the groudy stuff would be gone. It should have been.  Everywhere I read there were girls saying hiw the 2nd trimester is the best and there was no nausea and energy just came back....Liars!!!!  Ha!  

I didn'start feeling better until I was at least well into my 4th month.  Even now, I still feel nausea sometimes after meals.  

Ok Ok, getting back to pregnancy project.  I am currently on my 22nd week of pregnancy and have been doing Tracy's PP (pregnancy project) for almost two weeks.  I have been able to workout 3 days a week, which is better than nothing.  I do want to get to 5 days, but the fatigue still hits me sometimes after work.  

I remember that level 3 was really tough, I managed to do a few of those during my 3rd month.  

I will post picks later as things progress.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Post Easter Pic

Hi girlies! So, I said I was going to upload a pic of me with my bunny, well here it is. Sorry it's late, I've been crazy busy and extremely sore from Level 7. I want to fast forward time to day 10 of Level 7 so that I can see the results that will come and then come back to real time and use that as fuel. ughhh...if only. After seeing the results from level 6, I'm sure this level is going to provide results in its own way as well.
I'm also happy that I was able to do the 30 mins of cardio again; yesterday I had to ease up and calm down because my knee was acting up. I think I'm getting arthritis from all the dancing and sports in my teen years. Actually, while I was doing cardio today, I heard my knee crack again but no pain this time. I'm hoping it goes away for good one of these days, if not I know it will get to my head and I probably will end up at the Doctor's office to get an arthritis check up.

I hope your holidays just as festive as mine were, I could use another four day weekend. :)
Happy TAMing!!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Level 6 Day 9

Ok, as you may have previously read, I redid level 6 because I missed out almost a week on the Method.  Wow, I think this level has been my favorite so far.  I can feel all my muscles working in every rep.  I finally got good at the planks and my arms feel much stronger.  My shoulders are more femininely defined!!! Since I was in sports in my younger years, I always felt I had broad shoulders, and now with TAM, my shoulders are looking very girly again.  Love you Tracy!!!  I am also noticing my tummy shrinking, and although I don’t really want to lose any more weight, I lost another pound.  I am now at 110lbs, and for 5’ 2” I think that’s ideal, I don’t want to look underweight.  I really just want to get toned now. 
I know I still have a day to go on this level, but I just couldn’t wait to let you all know how great level 6 has been.  It’s not a walk in the park, but all that sweat and trembling arms (mine definitely trembled and let’s not forget me falling over after each rep) while doing the planks will really pay off.  I am excited to see what level 7 will be like. 
I am a true believer of Tracy Anderson’s method; I wish you all are still progressing as well. 
Food Info: went to my local market this past weekend and they had absolutely no Kale in stock! I was so disappointed, I wonder if it’s out of season.  I will check my health food market this weekend if I get a chance.  Happy Easter!!!  I will post a pic of me and my mini lop (bunny) sometime this weekend in the spirit of Easter.  J
Oh, and I am getting ready to order Continuity, do any of you pretty ladies know if any other equipment will be needed other than the 3lbs weights?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Level 6 Day 4 Repeat :-/

I’m sorry Tracy, I have been MIA from our workouts for almost a week.  Eeeek.  I promise I will start back up again today.  I will have to redo Days 4, 5, and 6 on Level 6 and work through the entire week so that my muscles can wake up again.  The good thing is that I didn’t gain a pound! Very surprising!  My dear friends, unfortunately I don’t have a great excuse for being out.  I stopped on Tuesday because my legs were aching when doing any type of cardio, so I decided to take a day or two to recover.  Well, that day or two ended up being 3, then 4, then 5, then 6!  I know, I know, its verrry bad of me!  My body is going to hate me tomorrow for what I’m about to do to it today.  (To wake up those accessory muscles back to how they were).  It’s so easy to lose sight of what my goal was.  This guilt feels far stronger than the short lived tranquility of those past days.  And it wasn’t truly tranquil because in the back of my mind I knew what I SHOULD HAVE been doing, but just kept brushing it off.  I guess it was inevitable for me to have a relapse after going strong for so long, I’m still amazed at how far I got without completely giving up on this method. 
Today is a new day, back to Tracy and Me time.  I know she’s going to kick my butt again! And I’m ready for it!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Level 6 Day 1

Level 6, wow, you really are testing my buttons.  As I began Level 6 today, I felt inspired once again by Ms. Tracy.  She first starts off saying that Level 6 will take me to a place where I will really start seeing my body transform and not to lose motivation because the best results are still to come.  How did she know that after finally finishing level 5 (after what seemed like a month), I was feeling like throwing in the towel.  Maybe after much of her research she found that some people began feeling just as I did once reaching the midpoint.  It’s like she knows what to say at the exact time I need to hear it.  Very surprising. 
The arms part of this level was fast, faster than the level before, I think.  Abs are very challenging as well, which is exactly what I want.  Legs, well legs series is always the most difficult for me.  In this level there are more planks, which I despise, I keep falling during the side star planks, not the one’s where your knee is bent and helping you out, it’s the one’s where you leg is fully extended.  I can’t even do one correctly.  I completed the set, which thankfully it was only 15, but I swear I must have looked ridiculous tumbling to the floor after/during each one.  I hope I can get this down quickly so that I can make sure to get the best results I possibly can. 
Results for level 5:
Total inches lost 1.38 inches.
Lost 0.5 inches from my chest (hope it was from my back and not the girls) 
Lost 0.5 inches from my natural waist
Lost 0.6 inches from my hips
Lost 0.2 inches from each arm
All other measurements were pretty much the same.
Lost 2.2 pounds!
Diet confession, I have been indulging in cake.  Cake is truly my weakness.  I can be fine without it, but if it’s my house, I cannot help but to binge.  My husband bought me the cake, it is my favorite and I would feel terrible if I didn’t enjoy it, but I also shouldn’t be eating the whole thing.  I might have to take the rest  of it to my mom’s for her and my sisters to enjoy, plus it being out of sight will help a great deal.  Well, going to my local market to buy some more veggies and fruits.  J 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Over the half way mark! Woohoo!

Day 45, felt like it was a long time coming, and when it arrived, I didn't realize it had come. I am very happy with this great mark of accomplishment. This is the first time in my life that I have stuck with a workout method that has not bored me or made me feel like I wasn't achieving any results physically. With Tracy's Metamorphosis, I not only see the results, my mind is more at rest.

So now about Level 5:

I really am enjoying this Level, the only drawback; I have missed several days because of school exams. Although I didn't miss any days consecutively, I did miss every other day this past week. I feel like I've been on Level 5 forever! Now with my exams out of the way, for now at least, I will continue with my 6 days a week.

On another note, I have not been making as many juices as I'd like, haven't had a chance to go to my local market. After today, I will be back on my regular schedule and will begin juicing again. There are sooooo many recipes I want to try!

Happy TAMing and let me know if you have any creative juicing recipes. :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Level 5 Day 3

I hate not having a set out schedule on the weekends.  I always find other things to do that for some reason have to be done at the exact moment that I start beginning to think about having to do my work-out.  So needless to say, I didn’t do my workout yesterday because I suddenly had to do laundry, then it was because I had to watch the Oscars, then it was because I had to clean my refrigerator, then it was because I had to wash dishes, then it was just simply too late.  Need to seriously kick it into gear.  I missed 3 days (including my rest day) last week.  I know I’ve been a slug. 
So this week is continuation of Level 5.  In level 5, I can really feel the burn in the abs section, targeting the lower abs.  Arms are also feeling the burn.  I actually really like this level.  I didn’t like level 4 much I got bored with it very quickly for some reason.  I like that this level I can feel my entire core engaged while doing the legs series and I know I will definitely see changes in my tummy after this level.  Excited! 
I decided to do my own version of the nutrient boost week.  As you probably read earlier, the texture of the puddings and purees almost made me hurl so I decided to eat the veggies steamed.  I lost two pounds that week! Yay! I continued with the kale juice.  The only thing I did different was that I added two apples instead of just one, or was it half, not sure at this time.  I also added the juice of half a lemon.  This week I’m going to try other juices like goops cucumber, basil and lime juice and some others that I’ve gathered from fellow TAMers.  Excited to see how this goes.  I will keep you all posted.  J