Monday, March 26, 2012

Level 6 Day 4 Repeat :-/

I’m sorry Tracy, I have been MIA from our workouts for almost a week.  Eeeek.  I promise I will start back up again today.  I will have to redo Days 4, 5, and 6 on Level 6 and work through the entire week so that my muscles can wake up again.  The good thing is that I didn’t gain a pound! Very surprising!  My dear friends, unfortunately I don’t have a great excuse for being out.  I stopped on Tuesday because my legs were aching when doing any type of cardio, so I decided to take a day or two to recover.  Well, that day or two ended up being 3, then 4, then 5, then 6!  I know, I know, its verrry bad of me!  My body is going to hate me tomorrow for what I’m about to do to it today.  (To wake up those accessory muscles back to how they were).  It’s so easy to lose sight of what my goal was.  This guilt feels far stronger than the short lived tranquility of those past days.  And it wasn’t truly tranquil because in the back of my mind I knew what I SHOULD HAVE been doing, but just kept brushing it off.  I guess it was inevitable for me to have a relapse after going strong for so long, I’m still amazed at how far I got without completely giving up on this method. 
Today is a new day, back to Tracy and Me time.  I know she’s going to kick my butt again! And I’m ready for it!

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