Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pregnancy Project Month 5

Hi Everyone!!!! I'm back!

So, I am happily returning to TAM after 2 years or so :-/.....I know, guilt has already hit home.  
However, this time around I am starting Tracy's Pregnancy Project! Very exciting indeed.  

So... quick upsate since my last post in 2012.  I'm pregnant!!!!!! Very unexpected but very welcomed.
I quickly purchased Tracy's Pregnancy Project and. owed I was going to do the workouts faithfully at least 5 days a week.  Did that really happen?, Nope.  With all the nausea and fatigue there was no way I was able to workout, I think I worked out about a hadful of times during my first trimester.  

In the second trimester, I was hoping for the miraculous day that come month 3 day 1 all of the pregnancy nausea and fiatigue was going to disappear, afterall that's alll I had been waiting for.  For that first day in my second trimester that all the groudy stuff would be gone. It should have been.  Everywhere I read there were girls saying hiw the 2nd trimester is the best and there was no nausea and energy just came back....Liars!!!!  Ha!  

I didn'start feeling better until I was at least well into my 4th month.  Even now, I still feel nausea sometimes after meals.  

Ok Ok, getting back to pregnancy project.  I am currently on my 22nd week of pregnancy and have been doing Tracy's PP (pregnancy project) for almost two weeks.  I have been able to workout 3 days a week, which is better than nothing.  I do want to get to 5 days, but the fatigue still hits me sometimes after work.  

I remember that level 3 was really tough, I managed to do a few of those during my 3rd month.  

I will post picks later as things progress.