Saturday, January 28, 2012

Level 3 Day 1

After a day of rest, it was so difficult for me to get the will power to begin my DC let alone begin a new level that after previewing frightened me. Had my neices bday celebration and took her shopping after, didnt get home till after 8:30, and my bed looked so welcoming. I just wanted to call it a day. Glad I didnt listen to the bed calling my name. I gathered whatever energy I had and began my DC with my dogs, yes, they like to watch me as I juump up and down and side to side. All throughout the DC I just kept thinking about that Level 3. Finally it was time to tackle the beast. I loved the arms and abs part, feeling the burning kept me pumped. :) Then came the legs series (my most dreaded part) and I actually liked it!!! Yes, it burned and hurt everytime I had to lift and swing my leg while fully extended but it was actually fun!! Weird, I know. Felt so complete and satisfied with myself, really happy I didn't give in to the evil lil me on my left sholder trying to lure me to the bed. Now that I have just burned many calories, I'm craving a pizza my hubby and I made a couple of days ago. Pizza was made with a whole wheat thin crust, spicy tomato sause, cheese, shredded chicken and spinach. Yumm! Ok, really missing him now, he's gone fishing and won't be back till tomorrow afternoon. :( Doing my blogging this evening on my ipad and as I previewed it I noticed that the line spacing between paragraphs are not coming out. Sorry, this is going to look like one long paragraph, unless it displays correctly on the PC, we'll see tomorrow. Ok, now I'm rambling on. Ready for Day 2, you better bring it Level 3!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Too old to throw a 2 year old Tantrum?

Ok....Today is my Level 2 Day 10 (cheering inside), which I will do later this evening, and I just previewed Level 3....yikes!  Can I stick with Level 2 through this one???  Please?!?!?!  Ok, I guess I would only be cheating myself, but it's just that there is this move that Tracy does (leg series of course) where she looks down right broken.  Seriously, not kidding.  I really don't think my body can position itself like that, let alone do reps.  Truth...
I'm just a scaredy cat. 

My body is stomping and yelling, but my mind is indomitable.

The good thing?  Tomorrow is my rest day so I will have a day to relax before I hit level 3 with all my might.
I will keep you posted if I survive.  Haha.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Level 2 Day ummm...oh yea 7!

Had to look at my calendar to remember what day I was on.  I "heart" my calendar, it really is rewarding to see even the miniscule amounts of weight loss I have thus far. 

Felt bad for my hunny, he tends to want to carry a conversation with me while I am doing my Tracy.  I'm on the mat trying to keep up with Tracy and simultaneously counting each rep in my mind thinking "come on, I'm trying to lift what seems like a 100 pounds per leg and he's asking what I want for dinner". 
I hate the way that sounds, I really do appreciate him cooking every night, it's just hard for me to multitask when I workout. 

Did my measurements before yesterdays workout and I have lost an overall 4 inches. Yay!!! I may not see the loss on the scale that much, but I can see it in my measurements.

Tackeling Day 8 tonight after my class.  Tip: love listening to Lady Gaga radio on Pandora while doing my Dance Cardio and Muscular Structure. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Terrible Weekend

Ok, I was bad this weekend. 
Friday was my rest day, which I actually felt guilty about taking.  Needless to say, I also ate like I was resting...I shared a botana (fajita platter) with the hubs.  Botana included rice, beans, chips topped with cheese and plenty of other deliciously bad food.

Saturday's workout was very fun like always, although I can not do the full 30 mins of Dance Cardio yet, I give it my all.  Saturday was a very active day, did major house cleaning for an office party that was going to take place at our house so I think I overly worked my body that day. 

Sunday I was bad.....drank too many glasses of wine the night before and was hungover....blah.

 I didn't get my TAM in and felt terrible.  Today I am going to make up for it and get to those 30 mins of DC that I can never seem to reach.  Mood: Determined!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Level 2 Day5

Yesterday’s workout was, well, a workout.  I almost fell off the wagon... :(  Working 8-5 and school till 7, getting home at 7:45pm then seeing house chores that need to get done was about to consume me and take me away from my TAM, but I was strong and stood my ground.  

My husband was watching me do the Dance Cardio and said that it was like looking into a mirror, because every move Tracy made, I mirrored her.  Of course that didn't last long.  It's like she has springs implanted in her calves! So yesterday was my 5th day on level 2 and I notice that Tracy messed up on the second leg series....yes, it took me 5 whole days to realize it, but now I know that she really IS human, not just some mechanical woman. 

Gave me hope once again to keep on truckin’!

Weighed myself the morning of and was down another pound, which makes 4 pounds to date!  I know it's not much, but it's a whole lot to me.  I was already dreading casual Fridays at work because none of my jeans were fitting me anymore.  I was doing the unbuttoned jean with a belt over so no one could tell number.  Not today!  My jeans fit once again.  YAY!!!!!

I also started doing this extra abs after my abs work on MS.  Curious to see if I can really actually get a V for Valentine's.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tracy Anderson's Method on Cindy

Okay so after reading several of my TAMers (short for Tracy Anderson's Method Users) blogs, I was motivated to start my own.  Bare with me since this is the first time I have ever blogged about anything. 

I am now on Level 2 Day 5 or 15th day on TAM and I am actually seeing results!  At first not much weight loss, or even still, but I can see my body's unreal how great this method works!

This is what I plan to look like.....someday.

Stay tuned...