Thursday, April 5, 2012

Level 6 Day 9

Ok, as you may have previously read, I redid level 6 because I missed out almost a week on the Method.  Wow, I think this level has been my favorite so far.  I can feel all my muscles working in every rep.  I finally got good at the planks and my arms feel much stronger.  My shoulders are more femininely defined!!! Since I was in sports in my younger years, I always felt I had broad shoulders, and now with TAM, my shoulders are looking very girly again.  Love you Tracy!!!  I am also noticing my tummy shrinking, and although I don’t really want to lose any more weight, I lost another pound.  I am now at 110lbs, and for 5’ 2” I think that’s ideal, I don’t want to look underweight.  I really just want to get toned now. 
I know I still have a day to go on this level, but I just couldn’t wait to let you all know how great level 6 has been.  It’s not a walk in the park, but all that sweat and trembling arms (mine definitely trembled and let’s not forget me falling over after each rep) while doing the planks will really pay off.  I am excited to see what level 7 will be like. 
I am a true believer of Tracy Anderson’s method; I wish you all are still progressing as well. 
Food Info: went to my local market this past weekend and they had absolutely no Kale in stock! I was so disappointed, I wonder if it’s out of season.  I will check my health food market this weekend if I get a chance.  Happy Easter!!!  I will post a pic of me and my mini lop (bunny) sometime this weekend in the spirit of Easter.  J
Oh, and I am getting ready to order Continuity, do any of you pretty ladies know if any other equipment will be needed other than the 3lbs weights?


  1. Great job, Cindy! I really liked level 6, too. I just barely noticed that in the section where they have the bagged salads, a few of the stores in my area now have gigantic bags of kale all cut up and ready to go. I would never have thought to look there for kale but I'm so glad they have it because they never have enough in bunches for what I want. Hopefully somewhere near you has the same thing!

    1. Thanks Emily! I actually looked there as well, but there wasn't any. :(
      Plus for what I use it for (juicing) I dont think it would be cost effective if I bought the pretty bagged ones. And keep up the great work, you're looking amazing!!!
      Any tips for level 7?

  2. I'm so happy that you posted that you are enjoying Level 6. I'm almost done Level 5 and hoping that Level 6 will be the boost I need! I thought it was funny that there was no kale, I would be so disappointed too! A few months ago, I'd never even tried kale. :)

    1. Thanks Amy!!! It's funny that you mentioned not having kale before, neither had I. After I had it I could see a remarkably healthier glow in my skin, and now my skin is looking dry and not as refreshed. ::crossing fingers:: I hope i find some.