Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Post Easter Pic

Hi girlies! So, I said I was going to upload a pic of me with my bunny, well here it is. Sorry it's late, I've been crazy busy and extremely sore from Level 7. I want to fast forward time to day 10 of Level 7 so that I can see the results that will come and then come back to real time and use that as fuel. ughhh...if only. After seeing the results from level 6, I'm sure this level is going to provide results in its own way as well.
I'm also happy that I was able to do the 30 mins of cardio again; yesterday I had to ease up and calm down because my knee was acting up. I think I'm getting arthritis from all the dancing and sports in my teen years. Actually, while I was doing cardio today, I heard my knee crack again but no pain this time. I'm hoping it goes away for good one of these days, if not I know it will get to my head and I probably will end up at the Doctor's office to get an arthritis check up.

I hope your holidays just as festive as mine were, I could use another four day weekend. :)
Happy TAMing!!!!

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