Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Over the half way mark! Woohoo!

Day 45, felt like it was a long time coming, and when it arrived, I didn't realize it had come. I am very happy with this great mark of accomplishment. This is the first time in my life that I have stuck with a workout method that has not bored me or made me feel like I wasn't achieving any results physically. With Tracy's Metamorphosis, I not only see the results, my mind is more at rest.

So now about Level 5:

I really am enjoying this Level, the only drawback; I have missed several days because of school exams. Although I didn't miss any days consecutively, I did miss every other day this past week. I feel like I've been on Level 5 forever! Now with my exams out of the way, for now at least, I will continue with my 6 days a week.

On another note, I have not been making as many juices as I'd like, haven't had a chance to go to my local market. After today, I will be back on my regular schedule and will begin juicing again. There are sooooo many recipes I want to try!

Happy TAMing and let me know if you have any creative juicing recipes. :)

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