Monday, March 12, 2012

Level 6 Day 1

Level 6, wow, you really are testing my buttons.  As I began Level 6 today, I felt inspired once again by Ms. Tracy.  She first starts off saying that Level 6 will take me to a place where I will really start seeing my body transform and not to lose motivation because the best results are still to come.  How did she know that after finally finishing level 5 (after what seemed like a month), I was feeling like throwing in the towel.  Maybe after much of her research she found that some people began feeling just as I did once reaching the midpoint.  It’s like she knows what to say at the exact time I need to hear it.  Very surprising. 
The arms part of this level was fast, faster than the level before, I think.  Abs are very challenging as well, which is exactly what I want.  Legs, well legs series is always the most difficult for me.  In this level there are more planks, which I despise, I keep falling during the side star planks, not the one’s where your knee is bent and helping you out, it’s the one’s where you leg is fully extended.  I can’t even do one correctly.  I completed the set, which thankfully it was only 15, but I swear I must have looked ridiculous tumbling to the floor after/during each one.  I hope I can get this down quickly so that I can make sure to get the best results I possibly can. 
Results for level 5:
Total inches lost 1.38 inches.
Lost 0.5 inches from my chest (hope it was from my back and not the girls) 
Lost 0.5 inches from my natural waist
Lost 0.6 inches from my hips
Lost 0.2 inches from each arm
All other measurements were pretty much the same.
Lost 2.2 pounds!
Diet confession, I have been indulging in cake.  Cake is truly my weakness.  I can be fine without it, but if it’s my house, I cannot help but to binge.  My husband bought me the cake, it is my favorite and I would feel terrible if I didn’t enjoy it, but I also shouldn’t be eating the whole thing.  I might have to take the rest  of it to my mom’s for her and my sisters to enjoy, plus it being out of sight will help a great deal.  Well, going to my local market to buy some more veggies and fruits.  J 


  1. I love cake too! Can't have it in the house. Congrats on the weight loss!

  2. Thanks Christine! It really has helped not having the cake in the house. And it's weird because I can have cookies and candy, but they don't nearly tempt my cravings like cake does. No more cake..... unless it's because I'm at an event. ;-)